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Why you choose our VIP Escort girls in Bangalore?

There are two different types of escorts that you can hire for the night- one who is registered at an agency and the other kind who work as part-time escorts or independent escorts. Both these types have their cons and pros, but it is believed that the latter type is more in demand in this present time.

VIP escorts in Bangalore are becoming quite popular, thanks to their excellent services and trustworthy nature. Men do find them intriguing, and that’s why they are drawn to the females like a moth drawn to a flame. These independent women don’t meet via a third party, so they love their freedom.

More than escorts, they prefer to call themselves a free companion who can spend some time with you and make you feel relaxed and happy. Without any agency, they can engage themselves in various activities since they will constrain them. This is why hiring an independent escort girl is way more beneficial and enticing for men who want to experience physical and mental satisfaction. In this article, we have emphasized the advantages that one can enjoy after choosing a part-time escort girl for the night or a couple of days.

VIP Girls Are More Straightforward And Blunt

For example, if you want to take an escort girl for your vacation, you will speak of the proposal first. Now, if the girl doesn't feel comfortable with being with you in the same room during the holiday, she will simply ask you to book another room for her. However, if you were to hire an agency escort girl, despite being uncomfortable, she would have stayed in the same room as you as per the firm's instructions for which she works. And, because of that, your entire holiday plan would have become a weird one.

Their Behavior Doesn’t Depend On The Agencies

Most of the escort agencies specify specific rules for the females. For example, when meeting a new client, they won't be able to wear regular jeans and a t-shirt. There are some rules regarding their health also which escorts have to follow strictly. Sometimes, these rules change the females' behavior, making them cranky and with quite a rude attitude.

But, if you choose the independent or the part-time Bangalore call girls, you won't have to face such a situation. Since they don't abide by any rules laid out by an agency, their behavior is on their own. If you want to make a casual meet, they will meet you just like any other normal girl. If you want them to accompany you to a gala, they will dress up like an elite-class lady with high esteems.

Without having an agency to guide them, they are on their own. They establish an online website where every piece of information revolves around them. With this, they avoid bluffs, and hence, you will always see a genuine person in an independent escort. If the girl of your choice is usually shy around others, she won’t try to change that just for you. Again, if someone is too bold and always jumps to the main discussion, that person wouldn’t act like an introvert, no matter how much you despise her boldness.

However, when you choose an escort girl from an agency, she would hide, and what you will see in front of you would be a façade. Sometimes, this façade truly doesn’t work when you want to enjoy particular quality time with the female. The lies and the mask she puts on come in the path of your enjoyment, making the entire meeting uncomfortable for you both. This is why the independent call girls in Bangalore are way more popular than the ones working for an agency.

When you are looking for girls being registered with firms, the entire deal needs to be done with the agency. You won’t get a chance to talk with the girl whom you have chosen from their list. As a result, you wouldn’t know whether she is at all perfect for you or not. Let’s say you want to take her to a weekend party, but she is not comfortable with the idea. But as she works for the agency, she needs to live up to the commitment, albeit unwillingly.

But, if you are looking for Book Bangalore escorts who work independently, you will understand how much difference the absence of an agency makes. Here, you will be talking to her directly, letting her know what you expect, and also coming to know about her comfort zones. Also, if you both are opposites, you both can walk and meet halfway via negotiations. The entire process does go smoother with the part-time escorts working freely rather than with an escort agency.

They Are Daring, And Can Get Engaged In Challenging Affairs

The essential thing about an independent call girl is that they are very daring and challenging in nature. With every new meeting, they love to explore the boundaries of both physical and emotional companionship. They test the waters very often, even knowing that they might drown in that water. Their excitement and enigma are something that draws in the males. And that’s why the decision to hire them wouldn’t be a problem for you.

If you want the chosen girl to get engaged in some sexual activities with you, which is beyond the normal standards, she wouldn’t hesitate for a second, provided the girl is comfortable with your ideas. If you want them to be your companion and a friend, they will simply take on the task without many denials. This enthrallment doesn’t come with the escort girls whom you will hire from the agencies. They are asked to satisfy you in every way, no matter how uncomfortable they are. If you like vanilla sex, they will follow your likes even though they love it rough. If you are making the deal for taking them to a high-class party, they will accompany you when they will grimace the event on the insides.

Their Companionship Doesn’t Succumb To Any Constraints

It is a direct rule of every agency that no escort girl can invade their clients' personal space, no matter whether the man is allowing it or not. They keep every single thing professional. After all, they have to follow so many restrictions laid down by their agencies.

However, if you hire the call girls Bangalore, you would be able to enjoy their company without following any sort of constraint naturally. If you allow them to pry in your life, they will happily tune in to your wishes. If you want their companionship for longer times, they wouldn't say a no. With these independent girls, not everything becomes professional. They too show their human side sometimes, which can be quite enticing for some males.

You Will Have A Lot More Options Than The Agency Escort Girls

You have a specific criterion list with you. When you look for agencies, most of the time, their girls fail to meet every criterion mentioned on the list. Since you can’t get a girl of your choice, you compromise with the one who closely fits your demand list.

But, this doesn’t happen when you are choosing the independent girls. There are more options with these escorts than the ones registered with an agency. If you do not like one girl, you can quickly move another till you find the one who seems to be perfect for you.

Their Service Charges Are More Affordable Than The Agencies

Whatever amount you are paying to the agency is divided into two parts. Most of the money goes to the girl you have chosen and the agency takes the rest. Sometimes, the agencies might charge you extra. So, with these firms, hiring an escort service always seems to be quite costly, especially if you are looking for elite escort girls.

However, the same isn’t with the Escorts Service Bangalore. With them, you just have to pay for their services. There wouldn’t be a single overhead expense, which will make the service charge more affordable. As a result, you wouldn’t have to compromise with anything when hiring a girl.


Choosing an independent escort girl might seem to be riskier, but the risks come with a lot of advantages. You cannot ignore how an independent girl can make you feel at ease. You won’t have to ask the girl nether to do the same. We hope that with this discussion, it is now clear why the independent female escorts in Bangalore are famous.